1. The registration for the e-Kash program is allowed only with previous authorization of RDOS.
  2. There are no different membership levels.
  3. Every agency registered in the e-Kash program will have a designated RDOS.
  1. To earn e-Kashes the member must provide their e-Kash number before booking the group.
  2. Applies for groups and events minimun of 10 rooms per night in participating hotels.
  3. pplies for events with a minimun amount of $25,000 USD
  4. E-Kash for cancelled groups will not be accrued.
  5. The e-Kash will be accrued only after all accounts are settled in full
  1. Up to 15% of a group's total master account may be paid in e-Kash, the remaining amount must be paid by the agency.
  2. Applies for groups or events with a minimun expended amount of $25,000 USD
  3. Only for redemption purposes 1 e-Kash is equivalent to $1 USD
  4. The amount paid in e-Kash is not counted for invoicing.
  5. In order to pay with e-Kash, the Account Executive will be notified to realize the redemption.
  6. The e-Kash amount will be discounted from client's account at the signature of the second group.
  7. E-Kash can not be used at the time of accrual.
  1. The accrual e-Kashes are effective 24 months from the accrual date.
  2. Expired e-Kashes may not be reactivated.


Members are responsible for knowing and observing all rules and policies of e-kash program. Members are also responsible for staying informed and up to date about their e-kash balance and their e-kashes expiration dates
Accumulated e-kashes have no monetary value of any sort and may not be sold, given, or transferred to any account other than to that of the member who earned them. Violators are liable for any damages, legal costs and operating costs that may arise.
The e-Kash program reserves the right to modify, or to partially or completely terminate, any regulations, rules, privileges, benefits, travel awards and special offers of the program, as deemed necessary, at its discretion and without notice.
In the event that the e-Kash program is terminated, either fully or partially, all e-Kashes accumulated by the partners will be deemed void, and the program will not have any liability with respect to previously outstanding point balances already accumulated or redeemed by program members.
No e-Kashes will be awards for stays or purchases made by members prior to their date of registration into the program.
The e-Kash program reserves the right to discount the points that were mistakenly accrued to a member
* RDOS - Regional director of sales.